chandini pinilla Chandini was born in Mysore, India, a royal city famous for art and culture. The city is studded with palaces and temples, and resplendent with scenic splendor. Under its benevolent rule, Mysore became the cradle of fine art, music and dance in India. It was within this environment that Chandini began her own journey of self expression. She began painting from a very young age and studied under some of the well known artists of India. Her confidence, style and imagination in painting became increasingly sought after and were highly acclaimed for there originality and depth. She graduated with degrees in Ancient History, Painting and Classical Dance at Mysore University. Chandini traveled extensively and exhibited in number of countries before moving to New York to continue her artist evolution and refinements.

To date, Chandini's works have garnished a number of awards, and she is recognized as making important contributions to the changing dynamics of the visual world. Her works are housed in important collections globally. she continues to produce diverse and significant pieces which have universal embrace. Her solo exhibitions of paintings routinely attract accolades for their often intense use of colors and images which never fail to stir emotions.

Artist Statement

My work represents a highly subjective vantage of the natural landscape of my homeland. My landscapes depict the pure joy of the world around me, without a struggle to define my subjects with representational precision. There is an element of surprise in my interpretation of nature, a mystery which I tend to express through the use of light and shade. I fully allow myself to abandon conventional style, seeking the warmth and comfort of nature through experimentation and a tacit response to my own creative expression. My work portrays pure aesthetics, a sense of presence and completion without having an explanation. Thereby, it is meant to communicate deeper insights into all the enchantments and the mysteries that exist in nature.

Curriculum Vitae

Group shows with indian artists - Javits center NY, Permanent Mission of India to the UN, Consulate General of India NY, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan NY.

Solo shows - Spot Light gallery Wagner College, SI. in celebration of women's history month 2013. Art Expo-American Express, NY. International Immigrants Foundation of the UN, NY. Univ. of Oneonta, City College, Brooklyn Tech, Bellmore Library, St.George Library, Open Art Surgery SI. NY

Group shows - Brooklyn waterfront artists coalition ( BWAC ) Member and Exhibiting Artist 2010-2013. Art Lab, SICC and EGK SI. NY

Among her many awards and grants:
Council on the Arts and Humanities for Staten Island –
Exhibiting Arts Award for June Fest 2006.
Premiere Grant 2007.
Encore Grant 2008.

Chandini has a Master's Degree in Special Education, lives and works in Staten Island.